Ugly God – Welcome To The Booty Tape [Music]: Ugly God kicks off “The Booty Tape” on a high note.
Ugly God has either captured your interest with his lackadaisical, confident swagger, or put you off harder than the concerned mother in this track’s intro. Wisely sampling a viral “Moms React” video, Ugly God opens up The Booty Tape with his signature self-deprecation before going in over a self-produced instrumental.

While Ugly God isn’t exactly coming through with flows like Twista, “Welcome To The Booty Tape” does find him going in harder than usual. His subject matter remains the same – fucking yours and other bitches mainly – but the Ugliest of Gods does delve a little bit deeper on this cut. Check this out, and if you’re feeling it, you’ll probably dig the Booty.


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