T.I. Assesses Eminem’s Skills: 

Consider T.I. a fan of Eminem.

Tip did the Tip thing and went to his mental thesaurus when Montreality asked him about Shady.

“One of the most talented, capable, intellectual technicians of wordplay I have ever experienced. He’s really meticulous to his approach to how he puts his shit together,” T.I. said. “Both times I had the opportunity to sit in there and watch him actually put his shit together. It was truly of another world.”

Then Tip expanded his praise to another of his elders.

“Eminem and Andre 3000 are the most meticulous artists I’ve ever worked with. And they are very critical of themselves … Those two guys are really up there for me.”

T.I. speaks on Shady and 3 Stacks at the 3:30 mark.


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