Smokepurpp – Regrets (Prod. By Sonny Digital) [Music]: 

“Purrp Digital… Digital Purpp.”
Outside of campaigning for a producer union, Sonny Digital has also been keeping up a prolific output in 2017, both as a beatmaker and a vocalist (“My Guy” remains one of the best songs of the year so far). Meanwhile, Smokepurpp has been similarly productive, and has steadily grown in popularity over the last 6 months through his constant SoundCloud releases.

After teasing a collab a few months back, the two artists have come together to form “Purrp Digital”… or “Digital Purpp?” — from the sounds of the intro they haven’t really decided yet. “Regrets” is an emotionally-charged record that’s over in under 2 minutes, but doesn’t fade out before convincing us that Purpp and Sonny are a highly complimentary pairing. the video comes courtesy of director Cole Bennett. Will we hear more from Purpp Digital? Here’s hoping. Look out for Pupp’s DEADSTAR project, which is expected to be released later this year.

Smokepurpp Sonny Digital


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