King Los – Without Me [MUSIC]: 

Check out the newest track from King Los, “Without Me.”
King Los has been a busy man of late.

Fresh off “The Glo” and “Dear 2017” earlier this summer, the rapper is back again with a new single titled “Without Me.” Sounding like it belongs in a sports drink commercial, the careening bass in the production brings some imbalance to Los’ well-controlled but still confident rhyming. There are violent undertones to the song, but he comes at it from a sports-tinged vantage point, referencing roundhouse kicks and a woman who definitely attempted something close in the Octagon, Ronda Rousey.

It’s got a bit of a Kanye West/Watch The Throne-era flavor, which only adds to the swag factor. Not perfect, but another solid outing from King Los.


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