Chris McClenney – Confession [MUSIC]: 

Chris McClenney steps out from behind the boards.
Chris McClenney is mainly known for producing and penning tracks for some of today’s most promising new talents such as the likes of H.E.R., D.R.A.M., and Khalid, producing the double-platinum single “Location.”

In new strides, McClenney continues to take his turn on the mic to create his newest “Confession,” a laid-back ballad similar to the many records for which he’s provided a backdrop.

“Today we’re competing for people’s attention more than ever before,” Chris tells Mass Appeal of the new track. “Between social-media frenzy and all the wild political news happening on the daily, there are so many distractions.”

“‘Confession’ is a straightforward break from that,” he continues. “An honest and direct song. You’re really feeling that person you’re tryna be with and at the end of the day all you really want and need is just their attention. It’s simple and it makes you happy.”


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